Sleep Tight (making off)

I have to say that animating cockroaches was not an easy thing to do, but once we got the knowhow based in lots of reference, everything went ok.

The insects had a pretty basic rig, and low poly mesh. It was pretty simple. The funny party was to make them move. We made walking cycles that help us a lot in the animations since a cockroach what pretty much do, is walking.

We import those walking cycles and adjust some of the animations.
When Marta Etura smacks a cockroach with the hand, I use two models of cockroaches, one for the walking cycle and other with no rigging and broken it into pieces. In the shot we can see that the finger covers almost all the roach when she smacks it, there is when I changed models, the animated one to the broken one. Then I just follow the trajectory of the hand spreading legs and body pieces.

For the blood, I needed something fast since we didn’t have time for fluid simulations or anything too complex. So I just used a 2D blood stain, add some volume on in and use it in comp.

One of the hardest shots in the movie to track was the shot when Marta runs through the hall of the apartment. The camera moves so fast that almost all the time you have very blurry features. Plus, in one point of the shot when she turns around to close the doors, you loose practically all your tracking points. I needed to create two different tracks and then link them together to get a final camera. the result was a very good and smooth camera path.

09/2011 3D Generalist, Animator & Compositor Film, Visual Effects