Rafael Amargo (making off)

The idea was to create a fashion editorial that was outside of the typical standards of fashion photography. As you can see, it looks almost unreal. Everything in this pictures has been through a long process of retouching trying to get the best out of every image.

It was planned to cut out the subject and paste it onto a different background. For this reason we use a certain lighting that would help integrate better our character to the new background.

Since it was a fashion photograph everything had to be perfect, I had to change body parts of the subject using other shots, ironing cloths, putting hair, etc, etc.. The result was definitely a better image to compose.

For the backgrounds I use HDR images and also retouching everything that would make it look better. Sky replacement, straighten lines, you name it…

Finally the composition of those two images and the color grading. In some images I also use some smoke and light layers that gave more depth to the images.

06/2012 Art Director, Photography & Comp Advertising, Compositing, Fashion, Photography www.lorenzolovera.com/gallery/rafael-amargo/