KOR (making off)

The Swiss brand GEOMAG launched their new product: KOR.
A magnetic core where you can built on any form or character that your imagination wants. They wanted to make a big commercial with a feature film touch.
Basically all the shots of the movie have VFX and some of them are full CG.
The most important part of our job, was to animate and transform the toys in different forms.

A good thing that speed up the process, was that they gave us the hi-res 3D models of the characters, which we used in the final render. The down side, was that they were too heavy to animate with.
I made a low-res version of all the main pieces and since all the different characters in the movie share a same structure, I selected the key pieces and use them as a base structure. Then using visibility layers, I only change the different pieces of each character as the head, tail and props. This way, I used one only model to work with three different characters. That means I only had to rig one character, which was a huge deal since the rigging was a little bit tricky.

In addition to the head, arms and legs, these characters have around 60 different pieces that needed to be rigged for a proper transformation. This transformation goes from an egg shape to a warrior or fish shape. Then, you have to animate the acting. So it was a pretty ponderous work that I was happy to do only once!
Finally, we used this rig for a few shots in the movie like the logo shot that is full CG and some others where we had to integrate the CG toy with the footage they filmed; where I needed to generate a clean plate, integrate the CG and add some 2D layers of particles and effects afterwards.

06/2013 3D Generalist, Animator & Compositor Advertising, Visual Effects https://vimeo.com/71808063