EVA (making off)

EVA had too many visual effects that had to be divided among three different companies…
Our roll was the cat! And my part, Animation and Compositing of the robotic feline to be precise.

A colleague of mine, modeled, textured and rigged the cat. Then It was imported in different shots as a reference in case the director change something about the model.
For animation, we wanted to do it as realistic as possible, no matter it was a robot, the objective was to make it move just like a real cat. I spend several days studying how cat moves and for most of the shots this worked pretty good. However, for some others we had to exaggerate the movement or make it a little bit cartoonish to make it look good. This was because the CG cat has a very rigid skinning making it look pretty stiff in comparison of a real cat that moves super smoothly.

All in all, was a pretty straight forward project, but very fun to do.

10/2011 Track, Animator & Compositor Film, Visual Effects www.imdb.com/title/tt1298554/