El Bosc (making off)

In this movie we did all kind of effects. From glowing trees to a magic beans jumping around. However the most interesting thing was to do the monster.

We need to replace the head of the actor for the head of the monster.
Apparently, nothing too complex because they had designed a special suit easy to track, except that the tracking points on the actors suit were no visible at all. The photography of the movie is planned to be pretty dark with hard shadows. But when we got the footage we saw that it was too dark to track. We had to rotoscope most of the movements which took us way longer then a normal track.

The monster did not have to act a lot, so animation wise was pretty simple.
Then lighting was fairly easy since we had only two source of light which was the moon light and the fireplace. We didn’t need to use final gather or any kind of global illumination since we needed very black shadows to match the plate.

05/2012 3D Generalist, Animator & Compositor Film, Visual Effects www.imdb.com/title/tt2364649/