APOLLO 11 (making off)

For copyrights reason the original footage of the Apollo 11 could not be use in a movie. So they asked me to make a 3D replica of it.

The final look of this project was going to be a very old movie. Thanks to that it was no necessary to spend too much time on complex tasks like modeling or texturing since we are not able to see details.

I made a very simple model of the astronaut suit, use a general bump map to do the wrinkles on the suit, duplicate the model and animate. Also the animation was very simple as it brakes with all the animation principles, no gravity, no weight and apparently it is very difficult to move with those suits. So any movement was good enough.

If we see the original footage it is basically a fix camera with no movement at all. The only thing that moves, are the astronauts. So for the space ship I took advantage of that and use pictures to help me with the textures. I put a pretty basic 3D model of the ship and in all of the complex areas of it I used pictures that I had as a reference of the real spaceship.

Then make a displacement map for the ground and finally add the “old film” look to the movie and it was done!

05/2011 3D Generalist, Animator & Compositor Visual Effects